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Let’s Hold a Garage Sale

Let’s Hold a Garage Sale

Let’s talk about your junk being other people’s treasure. That’s the essential idea behind a great garage sale. If you’re looking to maximize your garage sale, it’s going to take a little more effort than throwing the boxes in your attic out on the lawn and collecting cash. You need to approach your garage sale with care and planning for maximum profit. It’s bringing you items back to life and upcycling.

Eager to host a sale but worried you don’t have enough goods to offer? Team up with friends, family, or neighbors. When hosting a garage sale with friends, everyone brings their treasures—diversifying your inventory as well. Plus, that way, setup, and cleanup duties are divided—and you get a day of hanging outside with friends, in addition to taking home cash. It’s pretty common within neighborhoods to have a few neighbors get together and have a multi-family yard sale.Remember, more stuff, more traffic, more money—win-win.


Now that you’ve chosen a date to host your sale and gathered items to sell, it’s time to start thinking about how you are actually going to get people to your sale, if people don’t know you’re having a sale, they can’t stop by. You need to get the word out. Two weeks before the sale, I put up flyers everywhere, bulletin boards, churches, storefronts. Post your garage sale on social media; remember local GS groups, community pages, local buy and sale groups, your neighborhood social pages, and craigslist. Post often, and remember to include your dates, times, address, and payment methods. 

Tidying Up

Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly acceptable to sell ripped, malfunctioning, or cracked items as long as the buyer knows about it beforehand and the prices reflect the defects. I always clean and mend all clothes, also I make sure everything works. I find any owner manuals I might have for the more oversized items I am selling. No one wants to pay money for a broken blender or a cracked mirror. Before laying out your items, ensure they are clean and functional. A good garage sale may as well be a lot of prep work. But that’s how you get big money.

Organize by Category 

Lay items out on tables, tarps, or shelving, so they’re easily visible, and organize them by category. That way, not only are your buyers more inclined to spot multiple things they like, but you’ll also have an easier time directing anyone who asks where to find something specific. Plus, multiple zones keep an efficient flow when the sale gets crowded. If you’re selling small toys, candles or any items that can be bundled up, it’s a good idea to bag them up in Ziploc bags and price them as a bundle. This technique works great for things like Barbies, legos, candles, utensils. Remember  to have extra bags and boxes so that people can keep their hands free to continue to browse. Drive traffic to your garage sale by having clear and precise signs, including dates and times. Advertising on social media and posting flyers in the local stores in your area will pique peoples’ interest. Remember to put a lot of work and time into preparing your garage sale; you should have fun and enjoy the day. 

Garage sales can be enjoyable to have—you can connect with family, friends, and people you’re never met before. While doing this, you’re also decluttering your home and making money in the process. 

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