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11 Ways Giving Is Good for you

11 Ways Giving Is Good for you

Why give back to society? Giving back or donating to the causes that you care benefits not only the charity but also benefits you. There are too many advantages to giving back that you can even realize. Giving back will make you feel deeply rewarding at heart.  It’s no secret most encounter forms of stress and unhappiness brought on by uncontrollable factors. An uncanny amount of us believes we can alleviate what we’re feeling by splurging and buying clothing or gadgets we’ve had our eyes on—ultimately bringing us a form of temporary happiness. 

What if I told you spending money on yourself isn’t the way to become happier—it’s the opposite. Research has shown when we spend money on others; we experience finer well-being than if we’d spent the money on ourselves. Check out these benefits of giving.

Giving Makes Us Happy

Various studies have often concluded that giving money to others lifted their mood more than spending it on themselves. A Chinese saying goes: “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” For centuries, the greatest thinkers have suggested the same thing: Happiness is found in helping others. Giving back to the community gives you a sense of purpose and positivity.

It’s Good for Your Health

Seriously, studies show giving boots your physical and mental health. People who support others are often found to have a lower blood pressure than those who don’t. Those who dedicate time to their community commonly have higher self-esteem, lower stress levels, and less depression. They’re significantly motivated to live healthier lifestyles to achieve their goals.

It Gives You a Sense of Purpose

You are giving back to your community if a selfless act—ultimately giving you some greater sense of purpose. Each day you get up, you know you’re doing what you can to change their lives for the better—financially, mentally, emotionally, etc. This becomes something you look forward to, bringing about a positive change to those who need it.

Giving Promotes Cooperation

The more you give, the higher the chances are for you to receive. As you continue giving to others, your kindness will inevitably be reciprocated by others as time goes on. Exchanges such as encourage trust and cooperation with one another—strengthening our relationships with one another.  

Giving is Contagious

When we give, we don’t only help the immediate recipient of our gift. We also spur a ripple effect of generosity through our community. The more we offer, the more we stand to gain purpose, meaning, and happiness—all the things we look for in life that are so hard to find. As we continue to give financially and timely to others, research suggests, we gain much as a result. Our health and well-being appreciate, along with our understanding of the circumstances of the members of our community. Giving back, even in the smallest amount, can be beneficial.

Bring meaning to your Life

By donating or giving back, you are creating opportunities to meet people who believe in the same causes as you do. The interaction with like-minded people can inspire you to create a real impact on these causes. It can also infuse your life with a purpose or meaning in case you are stuck in a rut wondering why life is so stagnant. Giving back can reinvigorate your life.

Strengthens personal values 

When asked why they want to give back, 96% of people who participated in the research said that they are obliged to help others. They said that it’s a moral duty which is rooted in their principles and personal values. Acting on these feelings is the responsibility of a human.

Teach generosity to children 

When kids see that you’re giving back, they adopt the same mindset when they grow up. Many people said that it’s from their personal experiences that they have learnt about the children learning how to give back from their parents. By teaching the child to give, share and donate; you’re doing good to mankind.

Inspire friends and family

By letting your family and friends know your charitable donations after giving back, you can find that they are being motivated to do the same. They would undertake efforts to donate their own part within their limits — especially towards the communal causes like poverty or education. Giving back stokes a passion in people around you.

Realize that small donations help 

You don’t always have to donate in bulk amounts to make a difference. Even little amounts could result in acquiring week’s meals for a starving kid or the needed medical help for an elderly. Don’t just think of how much you’re donating by knowing that little amount can make the help a lot better and push the cause further.

Spreading the love 

In a world where almost all humans have become victims of materialism, people need love. Love is an emotion that we lack, but it is something we need to be rational. By giving back to society, you can prove that love exists. Charity gives people the hope of humanity while spreading love.

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