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The Importance of Giving Back to Others

The Importance of Giving Back to Others

The importance of giving back to society can’t be understated. When you give back, you’re able to better the lives of the people around you – your loved ones, the people in your community or the lives of people somewhere else in the world. Many people give to charity on a regular basis, because they’d either like to make a difference, have a positive impact on others or just because it makes them feel good about themselves.

There’s  an uncanny number of reasons to give back—whether it be time, deeds, or financially. Giving back to others is a selfless act and shows a lot about your character. 

Giving to charity is sure to make you feel good.

Donating to charities you’re passionate about is guaranteed to boost your mood. To know that you’re doing what you can for others is immensely empowering. The gesture of caring about other people and doing something to improve their quality of life is the source of happiness. Therefore, we can get happier today by being more generous with those around us who have little or none. Research identified a link between donating to charity and increasing brain activity that registers pleasure. As my grandma always told me, it is far better to give than to receive. 

Giving to charity strengthens personal values for you and the ones around you

Having the power to improve the lives of others is, to many people, a privilege, and one that comes with its own sense of obligation. Acting on these powerful feelings of responsibility is a great way to reinforce our own personal values and feel like we’re living in a way that is true to our own ethical beliefs. Enabling the ability to improve the lives of others is a privilege—a mighty one if you choose to take advantage of that. Giving is a great way to reinforce your values and feel like you’re giving indeed to yourself. 

To help others 

It’s honorable to have compassion and to want to give to others. You’re doing good when you donate to charities that you believe in. Whether you decide to lend your time, money, or expertise, others are benefitting from it. Stray animals can be saved because of the donations you make—students can attend school on scholarships with the contributions you make, etc. Ultimately, giving back shows kindness, and those around you see that.

Promote Generosity in Your Children

When your kids see you donating money, they’re much more likely to adopt a giving mindset as they grow up. I write from personal experience. I’ve donated money to a variety of charities over the years and have always made sure to inform my sons of my efforts. I wanted them to know why it was important to give back to others no matter your financial situation.

Fuel your passion 

Donating your time or money to a cause you strongly believe in is a way of fueling your passion. Do you love animals? Volunteering with an animal shelter, you’ll feel needed, purposeful, and energized. Do you believe education is the best gift you can give? — Send money for girls to go to school; you are listening to your heart and, ultimately, fueling your passion.

Remember, even small donations make a difference.

We know that people are concerned about poverty growing, and they have a single excuse for why they’re not able to help. Giving to charity or the nonprofit organization is not a business transaction. It is a connection with the humans and the world. You should know that even a single dollar can make a huge change, so you should not stop giving. Just remember, even small donations can improve the quality of life of a person in need. I have always believed in giving myself to others through good deeds. I have raised my boys to be caring adults. I think that through giving, we can save the world, one person at a time. 

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