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-My Story: Why I started Garage Selling

-My Story: Why I started Garage Selling

Most people grew up going to garage sales with their parents. I didn’t get serious about going to garage sales and thrifting until my divorce. At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom, and I had to have a quick lesson on finances, there always seem to be fees for everything, plus sports, birthday parties, and gifts, it was tough. I learned how to stretch the little money I was making. For me Garage Sales and thrift stores were how I learned how to find, save, and repurpose items, so I had the money set aside for the little things my boys needed. I would sale the items for extra cash and shop for used goods saving money and the earth simultaneously, win-win.

There are many reasons to hold or go to garage sales; I’m always looking for bargains and believe it’s better for the earth. Yearly I hold a garage sale and put out items I have accumulated from my quarterly decluttering sessions. It breaks my heart to see all the things that end up in the landfill. I understand that new is lovely and exciting, but I wish more people would repurpose and upcycle items. I try to make this a practice in my life. I give away things in my free Facebook groups, and I search for items before purchasing new ones. I make it a habit to donate not only the stuff that I know no longer need but my time and money.

Planning a Garage Sale is always a ton of work, but the profit is well worth the time you invest. I start planning mine six to eight weeks in advance. This gives me plenty of time to grab friends, neighbors, and family members to have a multi-family garage sale. I’m a “people person”, and the more, the merrier. It also gives me time to save extra bags and boxes for people to take the sale Items home. People are looking for garage sales with variety, and a group Garage Sale provides that, and you also get the benefit of having help from others.

When you think about the date, keep in mind what activities are going on in your area and what days’ work best. In most areas, those days of the week are Friday and Saturdays, but in some areas its Thursday or Sunday. Remember, once you set a date, you need to make a firm commitment to hold your garage sale-bringing others in with you will make it more festive and fun. I like to have a preview of my garage sale on Friday afternoons, three to six; I stay firm on my prices and let them know I will bargain the next day. I will also take phone numbers if I still have the item at the end of the sale I will reach out. Now the day of the sale, I start early, I’m ready to go by 6:30 with my Sale starting at 7:00. This covers those early birds; trying to find that long-lost treasure, if you do not want early birds make sure to state that in your ad and on your signs. I always arranged for a charity to come pick up the leftovers after the sale. I put them in the Garage Sale for reason, and I will NOT be bringing them back into the house.

Remember Garage Sale Safety

Thieves often work in pairs or groups where one will try to distract you while the other will steal small valuable items or your cash box. They’ll often be there with early birds while you’re trying to set up or during the rush when you have 8-10 shoppers all haggling over prices, so be vigilant.

Use a Fanny Pack for Your Cash

I know many people tend to use a cashbox; however, just to be on the safe side (remember, not everyone is as honest you’d hope they’d be) you’ll want to always have the cash on you. we recommend wearing a fanny pack to carry the money in. Make sure each person helping with the sale knows their role. Is it collecting money, watching tables, getting lunch, running money into the house, or greeting customers?

Organize With Care

Be Mindful of how you arrange your goods to reduce liabilities. Never place heavy items in locations they can topple over and keep items out of the way, so people don’t trip. Keep room between the tables so people have space to maneuver. Keep all small expensive items on the table where you can see them.

Have an Awesome Day

Holding a garage sale, is always a ton of work. Once the day arrives, stay diligent but enjoy yourself. This is the day you’ve worked for, it’s the day that those unwanted items arebringing you hard cash, and you’re helping the environment. Have Fun

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