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Giving Weekend

Giving Weekend

There are lots of reasons to donate and give to charities. It helps not only people in need but it’s also good for society, your family and you. In a perfect world every weekend should be a giving weekend but sometimes we cannot find the time or have the resources to help others.  Many of us seem to think giving is out of reach or too much effort. 

Giving Weekend is an ongoing year long program sponsored by that allows people to sell unwanted items and automatically donate a portion of their proceeds to their favorite causes. is a website and mobile app for Garage Sellers to easily sell their goods.  Part of the website’s appeal is the ability to donate a portion of each transaction to a favorite charity using the Touchless Register, thus remove some of the angst of running a garage sale and organizing for charity.

Our goal is to change how people think and most notably how they give back.  We were inspired to create a way for people to donate to charities by getting rid of unwanted items into a chance to give to others.

This year we are spearheading a Giving Weekend dedicated to schools in your local area.  You can designate which schools or programs you would like to focus on just be adding them to your account.  Then as you or your group processes a transaction and portion of the sale can be instantly and automatically sent to your charity.

This year it was extremely important that the proceeds go to schools. Teachers have always used their own money to purchase much needed school supplies, but during the last few years it has become extremely apparent that we as a society should be helping in any way we can. Not only will we be giving to schools, but your also making money from unwanted items and saving the environment one step at a time. Win-Win

What are the first steps?  You could start by calling your local school or parent-teacher organization and asking what the most urgent needs are. They may suggest that you donate to a foundation or perhaps buy specific supplies. Schools probably won’t tell potential donors about specific students’ debts, but they may allow you to pay down the total amount of schoolwide debt, think school lunches.  You could also have a all-school Garage Sale so you can designate where you would like your money to go: to musical instruments, for instance, or Science Labs.

I continue to believe that we need to teach our children how to give to society. When they see giving as an example, they adopt the same mindset when they grow up. WE also need to start a revolution by being more verbal about charitable donations after giving, this way it will become an everyday conversation and we can motivate others to do the same. Remember that just a little goes a long way. Even little amounts could result in acquiring a week’s meals for a starving child or the needed medical help for the elderly. I want everyone to remember it’s not about how much you’re donating its knowing that even a little amount can help.

At we incorporated an easy-to-use function so donating part or all of you garage sale proceeds to your favorite charity is right at your fingertips.

There is no better way than to help schools through Garage Sale Easy “giving weekend”

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